Jun 2019

Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics

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Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics

The opportunity

MetroHealth Systems, northeastern Ohio’s largest non-profit healthcare system, identified an opportunity gap around imaging. CT and MR modalities were an area where there was room to create a focused practice alleviating many of the tensions around hospital imaging. Including high-cost, variable schedule, patient convenience, and direct communication.

We create solutions that are more human
Lumina Imaging is bringing the power to the patient
Lumina Imaging offers simple, straightforward pricing
We deliver results within 24-hours
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The Insight

What if there was a high-quality, low-cost, patient-focused imaging centers where patient studies were read by sub-specialized, fellowship-trained physicians, and the results were available to patients and referring physicians within 24 to 48-hours? 

That would mean giving the power to the patient.

The Opportunity

MetroHealth tapped _dTA to build a brand from the ground up to meet that opportunity. After an accelerated discovery, naming, and brand strategy process, we proudly presented the MetroHealth C-Suite with the Lumina Imaging & Diagnostics brand.Flipping the script on most healthcare online platforms, we brought a breath of fresh air to the industry, eschewing stock photography for light, airy illustrations. Rather than walls of text, we brought a healthy dose of white space to the design, allowing for a simple user experience, and structured information architecture allowing the viewer’s eye to float across the compelling points about how and why Lumina is changing medical imaging for the better. 

An array of the interior pages of the Lumina Imaging brand guide.
Lumina Imaging posters hang in break rooms around Cleveland, OH
A page from the Lumina Imaging brand guide produced by _defyThemAll: a creative brand and digital agency
Lumina Imaging flyers produced for large employers
Lumina Imaging collateral in situation
A Lumina Imaging sub-specialized radiologist confers with a patient in an illustration produced by _defyThemAll: a creative brand and digital agency
A man searches for Lumina Imaging on his mobile device in an illustration produced by _defyThemAll: a creative brand and digital agency
A Lumina Imaging sub-specialized radiologist reads a patient scan in an illustration produced by _defyThemAll: a creative brand and digital agency
A Lumina Imaging patient inside an MRI machine in an illustration produced by _defyThemAll: a creative brand and digital agency
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Website design and development

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